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New Partnership with Cogence®

Immunology is a key factor in functional medicine, and will play a critical role in its future and in the outcomes of functional medicine patients. To help you better understand the interconnection of each biological process to the immune system, Pure Encapsulations® has made an exclusive commitment to provide functional medicine practitioners with full access to Dr. Samuel Yanuck's Cogence® Immunology courses and educational tools.

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A first-of-its-kind protocol at the forefront of functional immunology, PureResponse was developed for the more than 2 million Canadians seeking solutions to reset their immune balance and responsiveness. Through a progressive decoding of functional immunology, this protocol teases apart the nuances for each patient type and addresses the unique, underlying core biological mechanisms to advance the practitioner’s understanding and deliver predictable results.

Developed in collaboration with nationally recognized immunology thought leader Samuel F. Yanuck, D.C.+, the PureResponse protocol includes a practitioner tool kit with the following resources:

  • PureResponse Infographic
  • Patient Questionnaire
  • 3 Clinical Protocols
  • Foundational and Targeted Support Products
  • Diet and Lifestyle Recommendations
  • Assessment and Monitoring Recommendations
  • Case Studies

PureResponse Protocol

+Dr. Yanuck has been retained as a consultant in advising Pure Encapsulations.