Developed in collaboration with internationally recognized immunology thought leader Samuel F. Yanuck, D.C.+, the PureResponse™ protocol includes a practitioner toolkit with the following resources:

  • Self-Tissue Response Road Map
  • Clinical Protocol
  • Foundational and Targeted Support Products
  • Diet and Lifestyle Recommendations
  • Assessment and Monitoring Recommendations
  • Case Studies

+Dr. Samuel F. Yanuck is a retained advisor to Pure Encapsulations®.

Partnership with Cogence®

The Cogence® and Pure Encapsulations® partnership provides practitioners with a turnkey solution for helping to reset patients’ immune balance and responsiveness. To help you better understand the interconnection of each biological process to the immune system, Pure Encapsulations® has made an exclusive commitment to provide full access to Dr. Samuel Yanuck’s Cogence® Immunology course and educational tools, assuming the full cost of membership.