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Pure Encapsulations® offers the most comprehensive selection of FREE-FROM products for all your patients’ health needs

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We manufacture a comprehensive line of high-quality, research-based, FREE-FROM products for all your patients’ health needs. Our medical experts work diligently to formulate the safe and effective products you depend on. Pure Encapsulations products are manufactured using pure ingredients, are scientifically tested and are designed to deliver predictable results.


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You want what’s best for your patients. Pure Encapsulations provides qualified practitioners like yourself with our line of effective, extensively researched supplements. With our flexible ordering options, it’s easier than ever to get back to what matters most: patient care.

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PureGenomics® assists practitioners with genetic testing, translating, and targeting of common genetic variations, known as Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs). Practitioners have exclusive access to educational resources, clinical protocols and product recommendations to support finding the right nutritional support for patients. Let PureGenomics® empower you with precision and confidence in the pursuit of optimal health for every patient.