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Bringing you the latest trends, ingredients, and science to help you live a healthier life.

A women stretching outside
Why Calcium Alone Isn’t Enough for Strong Bones

The familiar public health message tells us to focus on calcium for strong bones.  While this is true, it is an overs

Women with coffee and texting outside
Nutrition and Blue Light Protection: Nutrients To Support Healthy Eyes

The use of digital devices is a normal part of our daily life, and most people don't think twice about it.  In fact,

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Vitamin K and Omega-3 for Heart Health

Public health messages consistently tell you that food has a direct and critical impact on your heart.

Vitamin supplements coming out of a supplement bottle
Multivitamins: The missing link to optimal nutrition

You’ve likely heard that you can obtain all the nutrients you need for optimal health if you eat a healthy diet.  But

Women applying skincare in the mirror
Beauty from Within: 6 Supplements to Support Healthy Skin

Feeling good about the way you look starts with how you feel on the inside.  Many of the same things that contribute

A women smiling outside
Femmes assises sur un canapé avec un ordinateur portable
Nutrition for Hot Flashes: Can Diet Help?

Menopause, the significant biological and psychological shift in a woman’s life, can represent the entrance into an a

Big salad with lots of vegetables and quinoa
Are there specific nutrients that support healthy weight management?

The diet industry is a multi-billion dollar business, so it’s no surprise that you are constantly bombarded with ads

A women working on her laptop while holding her daughter
6 Tips for Natural Stress Relief

Stress can manifest in many different ways - from emotional suffering to physical symptoms like back or stomach pain.

Various vegetables grouped together
Do Cruciferous Vegetables Support Detoxification?

What does detox mean to you?  For many, the word detox brings up images of restrictive diets where drinking nothing b

Why you should pay more attention to the additives used in your supplements

People take supplements to improve or optimize their health.  So what happens when you look at the label, and the ing

Top 5 Nutrients for Immune Health

It is impossible to talk about wellness without considering your immune health.  While the phrase wellness c

The Best Herbs for Inflammation Support

Inflammation, an immune-mediated reaction, is how your body defends itself against potential harm.  Redness, swelling